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wow guys i cant answer all of your 0 anons

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Anonymous asked:
You has the pretty.


Bless your soul sweet anon I hope you find 20 dollars on the ground I love you




I was threatened to go to prom by my loser boyfriend and fucking xray

I love Tina in the backround just losing her shit

This guy needs an award


I’ll get it wrong, ‘til I get it right




I don’t about how anyone else feels, but I felt like drawing my own. I feel like this more often than I want to, and I’m currently on the brink of just giving up altogether…it hurts like hell feeling left out of things or not being included, or just the feeling of being forgotten or ignored in general…I really want to just throw in the towel and abandon all ties to some people so I never have to feel this way…but I still have a small spark of hope somewhere that won’t let me quit no matter how much I’d really like to…so…I guess I’ll just wait and see..

Man, if this isn’t an accurate description of my life, I don’t know what is..

Thank you for your efforts in drawing how I feel a lot of my life. I appreciate getting the chance to experience some of the same feelings with you all.